Photo Booth Trends To Make Your Special Event Unique And Unforgettable

Tips for selecting the right photo booth

Is the company you are hiring insured?

While this may not seem important to some, if you are hosting your event at a reputable venue, it’s very likely they will ask all of your vendors (including photographers, DJs, decorators, and photo-booth) to provide a certificate of insurance. Without it, they may not be allowed in the venue. This is certainly not something you want to be dealing with the week of your celebration.

Ask if backup equipment will be on site

Most photo-booths consist of a complex combination of computer hardware and software combined with camera equipment, lighting and printers. Technology has a mind of its own. From time to time, things happen. It’s imperative to have back up equipment at the event.

Ask to see setup photos of the booth

prior to booking it. In many cases, (especially with upscale events) hosts spend a fortune on decorations, theming, and an attractive venue. There’s nothing worse than a giant hideous photo booth becoming a focal point and eye sore within a party. Many services offer a “pipe and drape” enclosure for a booth. Too often, though, the setup is cheap looking, old or even clashes with the event’s color scheme. A close friend of mine has said to clients “do you want an attractive photo booth to match your event’s feel? Or, would you rather something that looks like it should be at carnival for Madam Cleopatra’s tarot card reading?” While he says this in jest, the point is 100% true. To make this point clear, I suggest you to go to google images and type “pipe and drape photo booth” and look at some of the results.

Speaking of props

Are they fresh or re-used? This may sound silly, but all too often sweaty guests put on hats, boas, sunglasses, etc. and pose for photos. At the end of the party, the props get boxed up and sent to the next event. Gross!

Choosing the Right Photo Booth Style

Enclosed Photo Booth

This is where it all began, a small box! We call ours a “Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth”. Nowadays enclosed photo booths come in a number of different styles and sizes. Generally with the enclosed photo booth they normally have a hard sturdy wall or a curtain (or an inflatable shell, but we will talk more about that later).

Open Photo Booth

Rather than having a curtain or wall that boxes you in and make you feel claustrophobic (unless you like to be close to other people), this booth has more space. Hence why it’s call “open air” photo booth. Some people also refer to them as a kiosk photo booth. Open air photo booths have more options when it comes to backdrops. You could go with one the photo booth company can provide, which are normally a curtain or print design on a portable stand. There is also the option of using the venue’s wall or creating your own backdrop. Lastly you could use the beautiful view outdoors or from inside.

GIF Photo Booth

A GIF Photo booth can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether it is an enclosed, kiosk, open or tripod. The key feature with the GIF booth is that it takes GIF images. A GIF (which stands for Graphics Interchange Format) is a series of images that are played one after the other. You could say they are like the old flipbook with the drawing of the stickman, running.

Inflatable Photo Booth

It’s exactly what it is called “inflatable”. The inflatable photo booth is a backdrop or shell that goes around most photo booths. For example, you can use it with our traditionl or vintage photo booth. They come in different colours and normally have  LED lights built-in which change the colour of the shell. There is a motor that normally runs but you can never hear it over the music or people talking. Also check to see if you have room for the one you want, they can be big!

How To Choose The Best Photo Booth Rental


The amount of money you want to spend is always important because you don’t want to go over the allocated budget you have for your event. Pick a dollar amount you feel comfortable with before choosing your photo booth rental company but keep in mind that a low budget will likely prevent you from finding top quality photo booth rental companies to hire. Also, remember that sales tax will usually be added to the base price.

Customer Service

One of the most important things to consider when booking a photo booth rental company is the quality of the customer service. A photo booth rental company needs to be able to respond to inquiries quickly and make potential customers and clients feel like they are being taken care of. The on-site attendants also need to be polite and help guests have fun during their event. The last thing you want is a photo booth rental company failing to respond to you leading up to an event, and this brings us to our next important aspect which is reviews.


Researching a photo booth rental company’s reviews are important because it will help you feel more confident knowing that others had a great experience working with that photo booth rental company. Companies with little to no reviews doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t do a good job but it’s more of a risk. Photo booth rental companies with more reviews, and that have been in business for several years will likely provide a more predictable and smooth experience.


Photo booth rental companies have many features to offer but sometimes they will charge extra for each feature you want to add. Some popular features that clients want are: green screen technology, social media sharing, online digital photo access, filter prints, GIFs, and more. If you’re looking for the most features, make sure you check if there are additional add-on fees for each of those features or else you will be in for a surprise when you see the final quote.

Type of Booth

There are different styles and types of photo booths that you can choose from. This will help you in choosing the best tool for the next party.

Enclosed Photo Booth-This tool can help you in getting and experiencing the feeling of an old school. An enclosed tool is obtained by drawing the curtains you can make this tool by drawing shut the curtain and letting it loose. This means that you will have nothing to worry about since people will not be looking at you.

GIF Booth-This tool has made it easier to take photos and create animated images, which can be distributed easily. It has become one of the popular alternatives for parties.

Insta Booth-People uses this machine to take selfies on their phones, creating hashtags and orienting photos for their parties.

Open Air Photo Booth –Open-air booths don’t have secrets. It is the best place where people can have fun.

Tips For Choosing the Best Photobooth For Your Event

Take away

Photobooth companies have always been around in many past years. Photobooths add up more happiness and help in the creation of memories for you and your guests.  Selecting the right company for your event should never be difficult when you use the right tips.

The cost

When hiring a photo booth company, make sure you always have your budget. Companies that offer the best services will always tend to be a bit pricier as their equipment is of high value.

The backdrops and props

You have to decide on the background and accessories you want for your event. Make sure you always do some research, even trying to ask your event guests what they like.

Picture quality

Quality is an essential factor that you shouldn’t forget when choosing a photo booth company. You will hence have to check on camera types that the company you’re hiring.